Billionaire Richard Branson Holed Up In Concrete Wine Cellar For Hurricane Irma

The rich Richard Branson survived the beatings of Hurricane Irma on Necker Island, his private island, by tucking himself down in his concrete wine cellar that held firm throughout the strongest hurricane ever. However, he was devastated by the aftermath which included whole houses and trees ripped off from the ground and windows that flew about 40 feet away.

Virgin Group’s founder bought the island in the British Virgin Islands has made it his tradition to ride off the hurricanes in them. For the last 30 years, there were three hurricanes, and he has stayed on Necker each time.

Branson, along with his crew slept together in two rooms. He mentioned that it was quite like a sleepover with a great group of young people. His cement cellar served as a bunker for him and his crew.

Communications were down, but Branson utilized his satellite phone to get the latest updates about the storm.

Hurricane Irma killed four people on Caribbean Island and one on the island of Barbuda and caused massive destruction all throughout. Irma is now classified as Category 4 while it’s heading for South Florida, but it is still dangerous. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has stated that Hurricane Irma will “devastate” anything in its path.