Jeff Bridges has spoken out about whether there will be a sequel to the Coen brothers directed, cult-classic ‘The Big Lebowski’.

It’s been 19 years since Jeff ‘ the Dude’ Lebowski stumbled into a terribly-organised ransom plot and with the 20th anniversary only around the corner, a ‘The Big Lebowski 2’ announcement would be amazing.

Digital Spy spoke to actor Jeff Bridges about whether he’d be willing to reprise the role for a sequel. He said: “I think whatever [directors the Coen] brothers think. If they want to do a sequel, I’m sure it’d be a cool thing,” he said.

“And like so many masters of their craft, they make it look like I was just rolling off lines. He’s just a silly stoner.” Bridges continued almost in-character: “But why do people keep looking at it, going…? You can see those scenes. I’m a guy who’d rarely or ever watch my movies on TV.”

Big Lebowski

Meanwhile, John Turtorro is working on ‘The Big Lebowski’ spin-off movie, ‘Going Places’, focused on his antagonistic bowler character, ‘The Jesus’.

The Jesus, remembered for his catchphrase is to be the lead character in ‘Going Places’, based on 1974 French comedy ‘Les Valseuses’. Last month, John Turturro shared the first image from the film.

The Coen Brothers have responded to news of the film with Turtorro reporting they the movie “kind of blew their minds. They thought it was a great idea and told me, ‘We’ve taken a character inspired from a stage play and now you want to put him in a movie which is a French movie, which was inspired by American road movies”.