Phrases That Will Keep You from Being Hired

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More often than not, you’ll always have a hunch if you did a great job during an interview. But when you feel that you bombed an interview, yet you didn’t hear anything from the recruiter, your choice of words may have rubbed your employer the wrong way. Here are some of the words and phrases that you should avoid:

Does the position have benefits?”
While this is a seemingly innocent and harmless question, asking it too soon can send out the wrong vibe. This will make you look like you are pursuing the company for the wrong reason. Only ask this if your prospective employer made an offer.

“I really want this position.”
While you may utter this phrase if you want the company to know about your enthusiasm and passion, it may sound desperate to your employer. You will want to look composed, competent, and confident – not a hopeless job seeker who is finding a means to an end.

“As what I’ve told you… or As I’ve already said…”
Saying this may lead your interviewer to think that they aren’t listening or they lack the skills since you keep on saying information that was already mentioned.

These are just some of the many phrases that will make your employer look the other way. Remember, practice makes perfect, so be armed and ready when heading out for your first job interview.