Stop Your Colleagues from Taking Advantage of You

There could be times when you have agreed to do something and wished that you hadn’t agreed to it in the office. But if you find yourself constantly doing things for people in your office, you could get overwhelmed, resentful, and stifled. Here is how to avoid this trap:

  1. Have more compassion for yourself.

People pleasers tend to have a lot of compassion with their colleagues. To avoid being taken advantage of, treat yourself with the same level of respect that you give them. Know your worth and be a willing advocate for yourself.

  1. Set your boundaries.

Though you can’t say “no” to each and every single task that you don’t like, setting boundaries can help you tackle on tasks that you can and turn those that you don’t. It takes tons of practice to know what above-and-beyond is and what is part of the job.

  1. Learn how to deal with conflict.

Setting up boundaries and advocating for yourself could lead to unwarranted conflicts. Instead of avoiding it totally, prepare your conflict management skills so you can handle these situations confidently. Deep breaths help manage stress momentarily and let you see things in a bigger perspective. Always keep your cool.