Toxic Habits that Hinders Your Success

Businessman sitting on concrete steps with head in hands

According to research, confidence is correlated with success. Thus, if you aren’t confident, success will always be out of reach. Here are few of the behaviors that will dampen your self-esteem:

Stop comparing yourself to others.
The more you compare your life to someone else, the lower your self-esteem goes down the drain. Comparison is toxic and useless since different people have different journeys that you know nothing about.

Let go of things you can’t control.
As a natural reaction to things that go astray in our lives, we blame ourselves. It is good to learn from one’s mistakes but taking the blame for things that were beyond your control is a different thing. Worry about the things you can change.

Stop bad body language.
You may not do it intentionally, but mannerisms like crossing the arms and slouching, are forms of defensive stances and it isn’t a good thing to look at. This lessens how confident you feel and look in the office.

Stop negatively talking to yourself.
Studies show that there are hundreds of words exchanged between you and yourself every minute. If you have the habit of being pessimistic and talking down to yourself, then a lot of negative shade is thrown your way. This affects your success.

Stop the scarcity mindset.
We are often more talented and smarter than we think we are, and that is because of the scarcity mentality. This leads us to think that we have limited capabilities and that we will lead less successful lives. To give yourself a quick pick-me-up and boost your confidence, use the abundance mindset instead – and that is just quite the opposite.