Why Bookworms Excel in the Office

According to the experts, people who love books, or those who read at least one book every week perform better in their careers and here is why:

Reading reduces stress.
In your professional life, learning how to manage stress is important so you won’t snap and let off steam on your employees, or on your boss. Experts argue that reading a good book reduces one’s cortisol levels better than listening to music, taking a walk, or drinking a cup of tea.

Reading improves sleep.
Falling asleep can sometimes be easier said than done. With adults facing insomnia and other sleep-related problems, only a few get the quality shuteye that is needed. Research has proven that reading before bedtime is one of the best ways to prepare your body to retire for the day.

Reading improves one’s mental capacity.
Like any muscle, the brain needs constant stimulation to keep it working at optimum precision. Reading teases the brain and feeds it new, valuable information that you can use in your career.

Reading helps you become a better leader.
According to a study, those who read at least 30 minutes a week showed a stronger and better sense of empathy. Relating to other people and to place yourself in their shows is a skill that the best leaders and those who love to read have in common.